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Providing personal information to overseas third parties-Hotel Gracery Taipei

Privacy Policy
The hotel, as data controller, collects and processes personal data for the purposes of bookings and guests’ management, billings and payments, marketing actions and satisfaction enquiries.
The data are intended to the hotel and its service providers.
You have a right to interrogate, to access, to rectify and to object to the processing by writing to the hotel at the following address:
For more information, please read the hotel privacy policy.

Provision of Personal Information to an Overseas Third Party
Fujita Kanko Inc. provides personal information to Hotel Gracery Taipei/TAIWAN FUJITA KANKO INC., located in Taiwan (the Republic of China), as necessary for lodging reservations (including names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, ages, travel destinations, arrival dates/times, and THE FUJITA MEMBERS membership information).
Hotel Gracery Taipei/TAIWAN FUJITA KANKO INC.—the recipient of such data—has also taken measures equivalent to those required of Japanese businesses that handle personal information.
For more information on personal information protections in Taiwan (the Republic of China), please click here.